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Dr. Michael Brody

Dr. Michael Brody

Dr Brody has been actively involved in Computers and Medicine since the 1980’s.   Early in his career he provided support computerization of private offices and he was sought out as a beta tester for developers of practice management software.

He was offered a position as a Residency Director at a VA hospital on Long Island and was present as the VA moved from paper records to computerized records.  He actively participated in the transition and was involved with the IT department of the hospital during the deployment of VISTA and CPRS.   During this time, he was exposed to the stringent rules and regulations that government employees need to adhere to when protecting the rights of the veteran patients under his care.

With his knowledge of health information technology and compliance he implemented Electronic Medical Records and HIPAA compliance in his private practice.   He co-founded TLD Systems with Warren Melnick to create a platform that doctors who wish to work in private practice have a cost-effective method of implementing HIPAA compliance in their practices in a manner that does not interfere with their ability to practice medicine.

Dr Brody received his initial education as an undergraduate at MIT and He received his DPM from NYCPM in 1987 and completed his residency at DVAMC Montrose.

His past activities have included:

  • Health Information Technology Standards Panel (HITSP) - Physician Perspective Technical Committee;
  • the Standards and Interoperability Framework (S&I);
  • Ambulatory Care Committee at the Certification Commission on Health Information Technology (CCHIT);
  • The Physicians Committee at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS); and
  • numerous other organizations. 


He is currently:

  • co-Chair of the EHR workgroup at Health Level Seven International (HL7);
  • Health Information Technology Consultant to PICA;
  • HIPAA consultant to Televere Systems;
  • Staff at Eastern Long Island Hospital (Stony Brook University Medical System), and
  • Medical Director of Podiatry Plan

He has held staff appointments at several Colleges of Podiatry and lectures around the country on compliance for medical doctors and staff.