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About Us

About Us
TLD Systems is a team of specialists in the world of Medicine, Law and Technology who have come together with the intention of making HIPAA compliance affordable for medical professionals.

When you select TLD Systems to assist your practice with your risk analysis, you are selecting an organization that understands the workflow of your practice and that can become a partner in assisting you in implementing a “Culture of Compliance” in your medical practice.


The HIPAA regulations require your practice to implement safeguards to protect the data in your office that are reasonable based upon your resources. Our focus is to assist small practices. TLD Systems was founded by Dr, Michael Brody, a sole practitioner runs his own small practice and as a result we strive to insure that we help small offices to meet the HIPAA Security Standard.

This also means that we speak “Medical Office” -- we understand how medical practices operate and reality of the business this is a small practice.

While other organizations may be able to fluently speak the other security standards doctors need to deal with, we are able to speak more important acronyms including:

  • ICD 10
  • CPT
  • HCFA
  • HL7
  • EHR
  • and PM

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