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Risk Mitigation Plan

Having a HIPAA Manual on the shelf is NOT ENOUGH.  You need to have a Risk Mitigation Plan to better protect the confidentiality, available, or integrity of your patient information.

The Risk Mitigation Plan is the centerpiece of the TLD System HIPAA program.  We develop a plan that is reasonable for you to implement, focusing on items that will provide the most cost effective protection to your office.

Under HIPAA you must do everything that is reasonable based upon YOUR RESOURCES to protect your patient information.  We are focused on small practices and we understand what is REASONABLE for your practice and what is achievable by a small practice.

Not only are our fees more reasonable than many other services out there, but the plans we create for you are reasonable for you to implement within your budget.

The TLD Systems HIPAA program is the MOST cost effective method of protecting your practice from the possibility of a HIPAA event.