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Modifier 25


Cigna and Modifier 25

by Dr. Michael Warshaw, DPM, CPC

“I just received a letter from Cigna insurance. As of August 13, 2022, they will require the submission of office notes with claims submitted with Evaluation and Management/E and M codes (ie. 99212, CPT 99213, CPT 99214) appended by modifier -25 when a minor procedure is also billed the same day by the same physician. The E/M will be denied if documentation is not received. The claim can be sent electronically with attachment indicator and notes should be faxed. Is this happening with other insurance companies? The amount of paperwork for a small office is crazy and along with continued decreasing reimbursements, higher prices for supplies, shortages, etc. The insurance companies are making greater profits than ever. The insurance premiums have increased and out-of-pocket patient billing has become more significant. The system is not right. What can we do? How do we fight back? Please don’t say take cash rather than insurance, it’s not practical in many circumstances. Any thoughts?”
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