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Billing Veruca

by Dr. Michael Warshaw, DPM, CPC

I was discussing with my biller verruca follow-ups. Most of these are #15 blade debridements in the process of reducing the hyperkeratosis and verrucous tissue to allow topical medication to work. With most of these, as I am managing the attempted eradication of the wart, I bill a 99212 (I am a conservative biller). However, you hear colleagues (most of the time it’s not good) talking about using 17110 (Destruction of benign lesion. In its description it states surgical curettement and by destruction I would assume this means removal. So I don’t think 17110 is the appropriate code to bill. What are your thoughts? The other one is 11300, which is shaving benign lesions: Is this appropriate for verruca? I am thinking this is more shaves for biopsies. So, in the end, am I stuck using 99212 for verruca follow-ups such as I have described? Or is there another option?
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