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What is a Risk Assessment and why do I need one every year?

HIPAA rule 25 requires that every practice perform a risk assessment at least every two years. Further clarification by the OMB has mandated that annual reviews be done. This can be an expensive proposition, which is where TLD Systems can help you – we are specialists in HIPAA Risk Assessments and strive to make our services affordable for the sole practitioner and the small practice.

When you think about threats from the perspective of HIPAA you must look at the threats with respect to:

Data Availability

Data Integrity

Data Confidentiality


Projects Completed


Experienced Workers


National Awards Won


Cups of Coffee

When you select TLD Systems to assist your practice with your risk analysis, you are selecting an organization that understands the workflow of your practice and that can become a partner in assisting you in implementing a “Culture of Compliance” in your medical practice.

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